Restricting Self-Review


The action filter is executed when displaying a list of available assignees during sign off.

Use this filter add/remove any users from the assignee list. For example, if you want to restrict self review, you can remove the current user ID from the list of available assignees.


add_filter( 'owf_get_users_in_step', 'customize_step_user_list', 10, 3 );


  • $users_and_process_info – Array of available assignees and process information.
  • $post_id – ID of the post.
  • $step_id – ID of the workflow step.


add_filter( 'owf_get_users_in_step', 'customize_step_user_list', 10, 3 );

function customize_step_user_list($users_and_process_info, $post_id, $step_id) {

   $new_assignees = array();

   // get the users for the given step
   $current_assignees = $users_and_process_info['users'];

   // no self-review
   foreach( $current_assignees as $key => $user ){
      if ($user->ID != get_current_user_id() ) {
         array_push( $new_assignees, $user );

   //replace the 'users' key with the new set of assignees
   $users_and_process_info['users'] = $new_assignees;

   return $users_and_process_info;

Source Code

The filter is located in class-ow-process-flow.php

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