Challenge your status-quo

Posted at 4:44 am on Oct 01, 2021

“We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are”  -Max Depree

In an ever changing world, stagnancy is your numero uno enemy. Your current situation isn’t your final destination. Growth is a never-ending process  and the best way to keep going is by challenging your status quo, each day.                                                                                 

Success for your business lies in consistently creating new, relevant and valuable content that delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time. The one stop shop for quality affirmation is establishing a review and approval workflow around the entire content publication process. It plays a vital role in disposal of any bottlenecks and or any non-value added work that can hinder consistency of the deliverable and efficiency of your people & process. Most people in the creative field are aware that the right imperatives lead to an upgraded result. For an easier understanding, it is the process that lies in between the making of the draft and the publishing of the final piece of content. It eliminates any risk of errors in order to keep your work free of mistakes making sure it works well and enhances your overarching strategies.

Building an effective content review workflow is the process of involving everyone, from writers to the editors, keeping in mind the SEO specialists. However, doing this manually has its share of blunders and errors, the primary ones being as follows:

  • Too many approvers may cause unnecessary back and forth reviews of the content resulting in a delay in the publication process whereas a few approvers can cause bottlenecks.
  • Unclear deadlines can result in the loss of content and the lack of clarity among responsibilities can lead to unattended content.
  • Manual handovers and content can lead to delay in approvals and a minor communication gap or error can cause a major inconvenience.

Since content creation is normally a high volume repeating task, automating content approval workflows is the most basic necessity. It also plays an important role in quality control and assurance.

The above mentioned shortcomings of reviewing your content manually can lead to a quality breach by degrading the quality of your content which may lead to publishing content with errors that can directly impact your brand image. Hence, before publishing your content it is advisable to overcome these various challenges at hand. The result is rewarding but the process is tedious. In these cases having an automated content approval workflow helps you rest assured that everything gets created and delivered on time.

Oasis Workflow helps deliver consistent and error free content the automated way. Even though the traditional method of content approval workflow is well trusted, the wisest belief is to learn and drive your process towards continuous improvement. The process will become easier to manage and will prevent any setback in regards to time and the quality of your content.

Life is simpler when lived smarter.