Installing Oasis Workflow

Oasis Workflow installs and activates just like any other WordPress plugin.

Download the plugin zip file to your desktop

You can download the plugin by going to your support account (Pro license) OR to the wordpress site ( if you are interested in the free version.

Upload the plugin to WordPress

  • Go to the WordPress administration panel and select “Add New” under the Plugins navigation.
  • On the Install Plugins page, click on the “upload” link (below the page title) and you will be presented with a file upload form. Click the “BROWSE…” button and then select the Oasis Workflow plugin zip file from your desktop and then click the “ok” or “open” button (depending on browser).
  • Once the file has been selected you can then click on the “Install Now” button to upload the plugin. WordPress will upload and unzip the plugin file.

Activate the plugin

Once the plugin has been uploaded you will be presented with a confirmation screen that the plugin was installed successfully. You will now need to activate the plugin. On the upload confirmation screen you will see an “Activate Plugin” link that you will need to click on in order to activate Oasis Workflow. You can also activate (or deactivate) Oasis Workflow once it has been uploaded by going to your Installed Plugins page.

Activate workflow usage

You can activate the workflow usage by going to the Workflow Admin –> Settings page and activate the workflow.
If you have purchased a “Pro” license, enter the license key on the Workflows –> Settings –> License Settings page and then activate the workflow usage.
You are now ready to use Oasis Workflow! Build Your Workflow and start managing your editorial content flow.

Watch the video – Creating workflow using Oasis Workflow

Watch the video – Using the Workflow

Workflow Terminology:

To learn about the workflow terminology, check out the Terminology page.

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