Oasis Workflow Teams

Oasis Workflow Teams

Are you working with large number of content writers, reviewers and/or publishers? Are you tired of searching from the long list of available users in the workflow assignee list?

Simplify your workflow task assignment process by using the Teams Add-on.

With Oasis Workflow Teams Add-on you create Teams and associate teams to workflows. These Teams are then available in the workflows and instead of assigning tasks to specific users, you simply submit the workflow to a Team.
The plugin will take care of creating assignments for the users in the team that have the same role as defined in the workflow step.

The Teams Add-on has the following features:

  • Create Teams and associate Teams to Workflows.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Supports Custom Roles.
  • Works with Auto Submit.

Watch the following video to see how the “Teams” addon works.

Add a Team:

Create a team and add members to the team. The Teams Add-on is site specific, so in a multi-site installation you will see users available for the specific site.




You can create multiple teams. The Teams page displays the various teams and the various users assigned to the team.

Teams List:


Enable Teams from Settings:

After you have setup your teams, you should enable Teams  addon via Workflows -> Settings, Teams tab. This will display the Teams drop down during Workflow Submit.

Display Teams selection on Workflow Submit:

After you enable the teams, the submit popup will change to show the list of available teams, while the sign off popup will not require any kind of user selection. So instead of assigning tasks to a specific user, you simply submit the workflow to a team.


Difference between Teams and Groups:

Teams add-on is geared towards “Workflow Teams” – Example, lets say, you have multiple teams/departments in your company. – Finance Team, HR Team.

All the HR related articles should be authored, reviewed and published by a HR representative.
While all the Finance related articles should be authored, reviewed and published by a Finance person.

So, with Teams, you essentially allow multiple teams to use the same workflow process.

With Groups, since its not dependent on roles, you can create groups with users from any department and form a group.

Let’s say, all the articles in your company are published by a group of publishers. Their role doesn’t matter, nor does it matter which department they belong to.

In that case, the Groups add-on will work best for you.

The Teams Add-On will provide a better user experience, enhance productivity and help organize the work  by speeding up the submit and sign off process.

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