Oasis Workflow Editorial Comments

Oasis Workflow Editorial Comments

Have you ever felt discouraged putting your editorial review comments on a blog article, because you would have to point to specific portions of the blog for your comments to make sense?

Yes, it’s a lot of work and the editorial review comments are unnecessarily fatter because of the context you have to set for the author and other readers.

Do you want your authors/editors to know exactly what the editorial comment is about?

Oasis Workflow Editorial Comments add-on specifically targets contextual and workflow sign off comments.

The “Editorial Comments” Add-on provides the following features:

  • The add-on allows you to select a word or phrase or paragraph and provide comments for the selected text. Envision this to be similar to “add comments” in Microsoft Word. Just like Microsoft Word, you select a text in the post content area and click on the blurb icon – comments-icon or in the Post Editor’s TinyMCE toolbar. This will open up a popup to add contextual comment for the selected text.
  • The contextual comments get attached to the post and are visible right inside the “Edit Post” page allowing the users better control and viewing of editorial comments.
  • The sign off comments will also start appearing in this editorial comments widget allowing the users to view the comments and act on it efficiently.

The add-on is a productivity enhancer and helps for better communication during the review process.

You will need Oasis Workflow Pro v3.2 and higher to work with this add-on.

Add a new Contextual Comment:

Look for a blurb icon comments-icon or on the Post Editor’s TinyMCE. It will show up as the following in Gutenberg editor.

Simply select a text from the content and click on the “blurb” icon – comments-icon or on the Post Editor’s TinyMCE toolbar. A popup will open to allow the users to add contextual comments.

View the Sign off and Contextual comments:

You can view the contextual and sign off comments from the “Inbox” page and/or the “Workflow History” page.

View the Contextual comments just like Microsoft Word comments:

View the Sign off and Contextual comments from inside the “Post Edit” page:

We have added a new widget called “Editorial Comments” which will display the sign off as well as the contextual comments from within the post page.


Expanded view – Editorial Comments


Collapsed view – Editorial Comments

We hope that this new add-on will make the process of exchanging editorial review comments much easier and faster.

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