Oasis Workflow Groups

Oasis Workflow Groups

Are you looking to assign tasks to a group of users irrespective of their role?

Are you looking for a way to organize your users so that they can work on a specific task in the workflow?

Oasis Workflow Groups Add-on is an efficient, and flexible solution  to create user groups and assign these groups to workflow steps.

Groups add-on is light-weight and offers an easy user interface based on the select2 Javascript library.


  • Supports an unlimited number of groups.
  • Users can be assigned to any group irrespective of their role.
  • Users can be added/removed from the group at any time without affecting the workflow.
  • Once the groups are created, you can pre-assign groups to a specific step in the workflow.

User Groups


Create or Edit User Groups


Pre-assign user groups to workflow steps.


Difference between Teams and Groups:

Teams add-on is geared towards “Workflow Teams” – Example, lets say, you have multiple teams/departments in your company. – Finance Team, HR Team.

All the HR related articles should be authored, reviewed and published by a HR representative.
While all the Finance related articles should be authored, reviewed and published by a Finance person.

So, with Teams, you essentially allow multiple teams to use the same workflow process.

With Groups, since its not dependent on roles, you can create groups with users from any department and form a group.

Let’s say, all the articles in your company are published by a group of publishers. Their role doesn’t matter, nor does it matter which department they belong to.

In that case, the Groups add-on will work best for you.

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