How to delete Workflow History?

How to delete Workflow History?

With the “Pro” version, simply go to Workflows–> Workflow History. You will find a button called – “Delete History”. The Delete History will allow you to purge the workflow history on completed workflows.



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  1. The way to delete the history in “free” version is to basically do it via the backend/DB.

    Do you want to delete all history OR history for specific Posts/Pages?

    If it’s all history, simply delete the data in fc_action_history and fc_action tables.

    If it’s history for specific items, do the following:
    1. find the post_id for the posts you want to delete the history for.
    2. find out all the action_history ids from the fc_action_history table for the above post_ids. Make a note of these ids, since we will need it later.
    3. delete all the records in fc_action table where history_id is in the above action_history list.
    4. delete all the records from fc_action_history where post_id is in the above list of posts.

    Hope this helps.

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