Oasis Workflow Pro v3.0 Released, Teams Add-on v2.0 Released and More!

Posted at 8:40 am on Oct 11, 2015

Oasis Workflow Pro version 3.0 and Oasis Workflow Teams Add-on version 2.0 has officially been released! We have been extensively testing this update over the last several weeks and are thrilled to announce that it is ready!

This update includes several highly requested multi-site features. Also, we have completely refactored our code to make it easy to extend and maintain. We have also added additional security fixes related to XSS and CSRF.

For multi-site installations, we have moved the “Workflow Admin” menu from “Network Admin” to “Site Admin”. By making it site specific, you will have much better control on the workflows for your sub-site. You can turn workflows on/off, change review settings, create site specific workflows, set email notifications etc for a given sub-site. In short, you will now be able to create site specific policies rather than enforcing one policy for all your sites in a multi-site.

We have also merged the “Workflows” and “Workflow Admin” menu into one menu called “Workflows”.

Since the workflows are now controlled at the site level, the licensing for a multi-site has also changed. Each site will be considered as a separate license. If you are running a multi-site installation and need help with licensing, please contact us.

Installing the Update

Oasis Workflow Pro v3.0 and Teams v2.0 can be installed from inside your WordPress admin by going to the Updates page under your Dashboard menu.

We strongly suggest to take a backup before upgrading to this new version. We also suggest all users update to this release (for both Oasis Workflow Pro and Teams Add-on) as soon as possible, just as we always recommend users update WordPress and WordPress Plugins when new versions are available.

If your license is expired and you wish to renew your license, simply click the link in your license renewal email and follow the instructions. Renewals are discounted at 40% from the plugin price.


Written by Ravi Ajmera
Ravi Ajmera is the founder and lead developer of Oasis Workflow plugin. Ravi takes pride in developing integrated workflow solutions to make content publishing process transparent and easy. When not writing code, he can often be found playing tennis or working in his backyard.

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  1. Unfortunately, this update along with the new pricing structure make Oasis Workflow unsuitable for our application. We were using it to enforce one set of rules across a mid-sized multisite network but the distributed admin and per-site licensing make the ongoing maintenance and support unsustainable across multiple sites. Our issues aside, the plugin is great and I would encourage those that have a need for more high-level workflow management look into it and give it a go.

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