Introducing an even better Editorial Checklist

Posted at 8:05 pm on Sep 25, 2016

Editorial Checklist add-on provides a way to incorporate content checklist within your workflow process.

This add-on automates some of the mundane tasks for your content strategy.

  • The post title should have at least <X number of> words.
  • The content shouldn’t have more than <Y number of> words.
  • The post should have at least <X number of> tags.
  • The post should have at least <Y number of> links.

Simply put, editorial checklist is the best error prevention tool and if it’s part of your editorial workflow, it makes it even easier to incorporate those checks.

With Editorial Checklist add-on you can incorporate and automate these checks on every step of the process.

Today we’re excited to announce an update to this add-on, by adding a customizable checklist for your overall content.

For example, you may want to add checklist items like,

  • Do You Have a Catchy Title?
  • Do you have related keyword variations in your article?
  • Are you interlinking your blog posts?
  • Make sure all external links open in a new window.
  • Check post thumbnail for proper social media dimensions.
Creating Custom Content Checklist

Creating Custom Content Checklist


Once you create your custom checklist and assign it to a step, the user will see a checkbox for each checklist item. The user has to check those items before they can sign off. The plugin records their actions and those actions are available in the workflow history. So, you can backtrack on when an item was checked and by whom.



Displaying Content Checklist on Task Sign off.

How to get the update

If you have already purchased Editorial Checklist Add-on and have a valid license key, the update is available for one-click install from your WordPress Plugin’s page. For those that prefer manual installation of updates, the new version can be downloaded from your account page.

For anyone that has not yet purchased Editorial Checklist Add-on but is ready to start automating part of your content strategy, head on over to the add-on’s details page for pricing and more information.

Written by Ravi Ajmera
Ravi Ajmera is the founder and lead developer of Oasis Workflow plugin. Ravi takes pride in developing integrated workflow solutions to make content publishing process transparent and easy. When not writing code, he can often be found playing tennis or working in his backyard.