Finding & Engaging with the Right Audience

Posted at 6:18 am on Jul 07, 2021

Marketing and advertising are very beneficial and needful for the success of any brand. What’s more important is to advertise your content to the right audience. 

“There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market,” marketing author Philip Kotler once said.

A failed marketing strategy is like  –

  • Advertising low quality content to the wrong audience.
  • Advertising  well-qualified content to the wrong audience.
  • Advertising low quality content to the right audience.

 In either of these cases, you won’t make any impact. It is as simple  as not advertising at all. 

So, before you initiate your marketing efforts, you must concentrate on finding your target audience. According to the latest survey findings from Databox (A Business Analytics Company), target audience research was most helpful with content marketing, social media marketing and SEO efforts.

You must begin with significant market research of your target market. Analytics tools like Google Analytics can be of great help to filter into your target market, understand current trends, demographics, changing behavior, your competition and local, regional & global regulations. This level of market clarity will help you focus your marketing efforts on that niche group of people whom you would expect to purchase your product or services. 

Conducting user surveys regularly. This will further bolster your understanding of these people’s interests and expectations on the type of content they expect from you. Enable certain hashtags on various social media platforms, so you remain focused in and around the area of your expertise. In this way, you can shape your brand to cater to the needs of your existing & potential customers  instead of spending huge amounts of time & money on broader marketing strategies.

Your message to your target audience must be consistent, well-aligned with your brand vision and a value-add to them. Continuous refinements in your message will definitely generate interest in your target audience to read, comment and share your content. Such a level of content qualification is essential before you publish your content on your websites and other social media platforms.

Oasis Workflow certainly helps our customers achieve this with great simplicity. In fact, with “Editorial Checklist” you can define best practices at every stage of the content publication process to ensure you publish your content right at first-time.