We’re raising prices from April 11th

Posted at 7:57 am on Apr 02, 2021

We’re raising the price of our Oasis Workflow plugin and add-on plans.

Why are we raising prices?

To more accurately reflect the value users get from Oasis Workflow Editorial Solution and to make room for the other amazing features coming your way, we will be increasing our prices from April 11th 2021.

We added a lot of features in the past few years to make Oasis Workflow an efficient and configurable editorial workflow solution for WordPress. Oasis Workflow helps to make the publishing process transparent and easy, while allowing the bloggers get back to doing what they are best at – creating content.

Not to mention, we are still the most affordable solution in the market while we continue to develop evolutionary building blocks, configurable workflow processes and product, which will enable editorial review processes to become an integral part of WordPress.

The price change WILL NOT affect existing customers.

Our current paid customers will be grand-fathered in to the existing plans. That means, the renewal pricing will remain the same. Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years.

If you are looking to upgrade from “free” to “Pro” or from the “Pro” to “Business” or “Business Plus”, you can take advantage of this offer and lock in the current Oasis Workflow pricing.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

  • If you’re currently using our “Free” version then purchase any Oasis Workflow Paid plan before April 11th to lock in the current pricing.
  • If you’re already a Paid customer, then upgrade your plan before April 11th to lock in the current pricing. You can upgrade, by logging into your account with us.

Here are the details on price increase:

  • Pro Plan  – From $79 to $119
  • Business Plan – From $199 to $399
  • Business Plus Plan – From $599 to $899

Have any questions or concerns? Just open a support ticket and we’ll get back you to as soon as possible.