Re-imagine Your Workflow

Posted at 8:08 am on Aug 05, 2021

Workflow bottlenecks are invisible, workarounds are in place and execution goes as usual. Though chaotic, you are used to what and how they execute their tasks everyday. Give a nudge, make a phone call, have some quick discussions & decisions in the hallway or at coffee time and work is done as expected. Processes, People, Data & Technology however siloed, are at their best. Delays & error prone deliverables are obvious but not expected.

Frustration becomes obvious from all this extra effort and time you put into going through multiple iterations & chasing people for follow-ups, reviews and approvals. And then you are still not sure if you have the latest and greatest version of the content you plan to publish on your website. Now the question arises – how can you get better, faster and smarter?

Miro Walker, CEO and co-founder of Cognifide, the WPP Digital Technology Consultancy, once said  Impactful Transformation Comes With Evolution From Within

For an impactful transformation, organizations must rethink their processes and workflow automation is one of the best places to start. 

Re-imagine your workflows so they quickly adapt to changes, upgrades and reorganizations to replicate and overcome any obstacles to successful outcomes.

Identify activities within your content publication process which are optimal candidates for automation like physical routing, paper transfers, approval checklist and physical signatures. Workflow automation can eliminate physical routing, replace paper transfer with automated notifications, standardize review checklist at each stage of content publication process & signatures can be a simple mouse click sign-offs. 

Identify potential bottlenecks, dependencies & actions that impede overall progress of content creation and publication. Overcome such variability, convert dependencies into a predefined checklist by leveraging certain best practices.  Defining protocols for seamless flow of content between various stages of the publication process.

With Oasis Workflow, simple drag & drop workflow designer can help you quickly create your perfect workflow, define checklists to establish best practices, bring consistency throughout your process, and experience better, faster & smarter content publication ever!