Oasis Workflow Pro v5.0, Teams v2.8 and Editorial Comments v1.8 Released!

Posted at 3:43 pm on Sep 30, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the release of version v5.0 and several notable updates to Teams Add-on and Editorial Comments Add-on.

Teams Add-on updates

Are you working with more than 10 Teams and several hundred authors? Are you finding it difficult to manage which workflow/team the article is associated with? With this release, we have enhanced our reports to display the assigned team.

We have also added a Teams filter to the report.

We also integrated Teams with Submit to Workflow and Sign off actions, to show/hide the team members. This will allow the user to select individual team members, if they do not want to assign all.

If you are using Teams and you update Oasis Workflow Pro to version 5.0, please update the Teams Add-on to version 2.8. There are changes in Oasis Workflow Pro v5.0 that are related to Teams v2.8.

Editorial Comments Add-on updates

We have enhanced editorial comments by adding Microsoft Word style comments viewing feature. The user can now open the post in a new tab and view the comments by hovering over the highlighted text. If they click on the comment, it will stay on the page and will not disappear on mouse over.

Other Notable Fixes:

  • Sorted assignee list by name during submit to workflow, sign-off and reassign.
  • Added “%post_submitter%” placeholder to assignment and reminder emails.
  • Changed the UX for the dashboard widget to be more user friendly.
  • Fixed: Issue with revision post permalink if prefix and suffix are empty.
  • Fixed: {post_title} link for Revised Post Publish Notification email.
  • Fixed: “404 page not found” issue with scheduled revision.
  • Fixed: Delete postmeta fields when the revision of the post is deleted.