Oasis Workflow Pro v2.2 and Teams Add-on v1.1 Released

Posted at 5:45 am on Apr 13, 2015

From everyone here at Oasis Workflow, we are happy to announce that version 2.2 and Teams Add-on v1.1 has been released to the world!

This is a maintenance and feature release that includes: New ways to configure your workflows,  revision feature for privately published articles, sorting on workflow inbox page, “compare revision” show/hide options and bug fixes.

We suggest all users update to this release as soon as possible just as we always recommend users update WordPress and WordPress Plugins when updates are available.

What’s new in Oasis Workflow Pro v2.2

More ways to configure your workflows – You can now specify which role can submit to the workflow. In addition, you can also specify the type of post applicable to the workflow.
This will be handy to show/hide the workflows depending on the user role and post type.


Privately published articles – Now, you can use Oasis Workflow plugin’s “Make revision” functionality for privately published articles too.

Workflow Inbox – You will now be able to sort the inbox with the post title.

Reports – The reports are now available to all users and not just admins.

Compare Revision – You can now show/hide the “compare revision” button. In some situations, you may not want to display the “compare revision” button. This option will help you control it’s display.

Following issues are also fixed with this release:

  • Fixed “revision compare” class name conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed status change issue on “submit to workflow”.
  • Fixed reports to show all post types including custom post types.
  • Fixed default ordering on the inbox page.
  • Fixed self review issue with “teams” add on.
  • Fixed “Claim” button not appearing on Post page.

What’s new in Oasis Workflow Teams Add-on v1.1

Following issues are fixed with this release:

  • Fixed deactivate/activate of the teams add on related to Oasis Workflow Pro activate/deactivate.
  • Fixed teams user query for multi-role and control characters.

Other News:

We are in our final development phase for the “Front End Oasis Workflow Add-on” and plan to release the first version sometime this month.

If you are an existing “Pro” user, you can update to the latest version of Oasis Workflow Pro using Automatic Update. Just visit the Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard. Update deployment is staged so if you do not see the update available, try again in a few hours. If you are not able to see the automatic update link, you should also be able to grab a copy of the new version from your account.

Please Note: Automatic Update will only work if you have correctly entered your License Key in the Settings page of Oasis Workflow Pro in your WordPress Dashboard.

If you are not a “Pro” user, you can now get the “Pro” v2.2 from our site. What are you waiting for? Purchase a copy today!