Oasis Workflow Pro 1.0.11 Released

Posted at 3:23 pm on Jan 04, 2015

Oasis Workflow Pro v1.0.11 is now available via automatic update. This is a minor maintenance release with the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed “workflow copy” and “save as new version”.
  • Added a null check for teams.
  • Fixed auto submit cron and is_plugin_active issue.

If you are an existing “Pro” user, you can update to the latest version of Oasis Workflow Pro using Automatic Update. Just visit the Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard. Update deployment is staged so if you do not see the update available, try again in a few hours. If you are not able to see the automatic update link, you should also be able to grab a copy of the new version from your account.

Please Note: Automatic Update will only work if you have correctly entered your License Key in the Settings page of Oasis Workflow Pro in your WordPress Dashboard.

If you are not a “Pro” user, you can now get the “Pro” v1.0.11 from our site. What are you waiting for? Purchase a copy today!