Claim Your Task

Claim allows users to own a particular task.

Typically, assignment and publish tasks are assigned to a single individual, while review process can be assigned to multiple users.

In the case, when an assignment or a publish task gets assigned to multiple individuals, “Claim” comes into play.

Why Claim?
Typically writer tasks and publisher tasks are “one person” tasks. No two users are going to publish the same article. In such cases, it’s always better to have clear understanding of who owns the task.

Even though a task can be assigned to multiple users, one has to claim the task to own it. Oasis Workflow will only show the “Claim” option if it finds a conflict in task assignment.

Once a task is claimed, the task is deleted from the inbox of other users. The person who claimed the task can then go about doing his/her work and eventually sign off from the task.