5 Traits of A Good Content Editor

Posted at 6:41 am on Jun 29, 2016

A good content editor is essential to any online publication. The New York Times and National Geographic have an entire editorial staff. If you want to grow your blog and reach a broader audience, you need to have the right team too. Even good writers need an editor to help the flow and structure their articles. A good content editor turns an okay article into a great article and helps it stand out online.
They help your writers improve and polish their articles. So how can you find the perfect editor for your content management team?

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Here are our top traits of a good content editor:

1. Attention to detail – A great editor is able to pick up on small grammatical mistakes or style inconsistencies that others can’t see. Making sure that there are no typos or small mistakes in your articles makes your article look professional and easy to read.

2. Knowledge of the topic  – While a great content editor can learn on the go, someone who is already familiar with and passionate about the topic you are writing about will be an asset to your team. Having someone who can add their expertise and knowledge to your already knowledgeable team is a wonderful skill to have in an editor.

3. Familiarity with your audience – Your editor should know what kind of style resonates with your audience, and guide your writers to tailoring articles for them. Helping your writers find the right tone to write will help your multi-author blog or publication share an identity.

4. Flexibility – Having an editor that can adapt to different tones and styles as well as to different writers is one of the most important traits in an editor. Not only that, but being able to adapt to deadlines, obstacles, and the culture of your organization is key.

5. Creativity – We know we want our writers to be creative, but this is an important trait in editors too. Whether it comes to problem-solving, changing sentence structure, or finding that perfect word, a content editor who can put a creative twist on your work will polish off your writing and make it stand out from the crowd.

If you are growing a writing team, and looking for that perfect content editor, we hope you can find someone with these traits. Remember that it may take some trial and error to find the person who fits in best with your team, but when you find that special someone it will be well worth the wait.

What’s the number one trait you look for in a good content editor?