4 Signs You Should Invest In A WordPress Editorial Plugin

Posted at 6:54 am on Apr 19, 2015

Wordpress Editorial Plugin

Do you have a team of bloggers and content creators contributing to your web site? How do you organize your workflow? Does the editing process make your head spin? Are you tired of bouncing emails back and forth with writers without a good way to organize feedback and revisions?

It may be time to invest in an editorial workflow plugin.

WordPress is a great tool to create and publish content. Yet when it comes to working with multiple writers, the revision process can get complicated. Let’s face it, there’s no good way to manage an editorial and revision process without the right plugin. Still not sure if a plugin is right for you? Here are 4 signs you should start using an editorial workflow plugin:

1. You want to automate your review process. An editorial workflow plugin should allow you to create custom workflows for your editorial review process. Having a visual view of the entire process and knowing who on your team handles editing and publishing will make the entire process easier to plan.

2. You want to streamline the editing process.  Editorial  plugins allow you to assign tasks to different team members. This includes writing, editing, and publishing at different times in the process. This reduces the scramble that can often come with a tight publishing schedule. Make sure your posts go through the proper process and are published on time.

3. You want to review changes on live edits.  Workflow plugins let you make edits to posts without taking them offline. This means no more broken links or page redirects while you are making page edits. Continue to work on and edit your content even after it is published without having to take it offline.

4. You want to log history. You want to be able to visualize who submitted edits, wrote content or suggested changes for any post at any time. A good workflow plugin will store your history for each piece of content. This allows you to access contributions and edits over time. This can help with measuring the success of different changes to your marketing plan. Tracking edits can help show what caused increases in social media shares or search engine rankings.

Investing in an editorial plugin for your WordPress site can help your team focus on creating great content rather than focusing on the editorial process.  If you find that you are spending more time on managing the editorial workflow than creating valuable content, it might be time to find the right plugin for your team.

Are you thinking about using an editorial workflow plugin? What concerns do you have about jumping in?

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