Release 5.3 – Introducing Enhanced Export and Import of Workflows

Posted at 4:08 am on Mar 05, 2018

After setting up and testing the workflows in your development environment, you often want to replicate those workflows and workflow settings in your production environment.

Is there an simple way to do it?

Introducing an improved Export/Import feature… with version 5.3 we are enhancing our Export/Import feature. It will now allow you to export/import workflows, teams and groups along with workflow settings.

When you export your workflows and/or settings, we generate a JSON file. This file can then simply be imported into the target system. You can review the JSON file before importing it.

Export and Import

Go to Workflows -> Tools, Import/Export tab and you can start exporting and importing workflow and its settings.

Duplicating a Post

Every now and then, before you begin to write a new article, you would like to duplicate an existing article. Our “Make Revision” feature allows you to create a new revision of an existing article. But, it didn’t allow you to simply duplicate the article.

With this release we are adding “Duplicate Post” feature. It uses the same settings as the Document Revision settings. However, it simply duplicates the existing post. We are also adding a new custom capability called ‘ow_duplicate_post’ to manage this action.

Interested to know more about other custom capabilities? Check out this documentation link.

Other notable changes and fixes:

  • Added  “System Info” that will allow us to better serve our customers when analyzing  an issue.
  • Disabled the submit button on submit to workflow and sign-off popup until ajax call is completed.
  • Removed assignment notification after claim process.
  • Fixed warnings when installed with PHP 7.x.
  • Fixed issue with auto submit to honor workflow applicable post types.
  • Fixed issue with oasiswf_custom_placeholders_handler to check for whole word instead of partial text.
  • Removed assignment notification in case of self assignment.
  • Fixed issue with private property on OW_Admin_Post causing a PHP fatal error.
  • Fixed issue with translation when a post link is included in the assignment email.

We are thrilled for these updates and hope you enjoy it as well. As with all major updates, we strongly recommend that you use a staging or test server to test the updates on your site before installing it on a live site. 

If your license is expired and you wish to renew your license, simply click the link in your license renewal email and follow the instructions. Renewals are discounted at 40% from the plugin price.